Vince, a Master ChiRunning®/ChiWalking® Instructor, owner and leader of ChiLiving/ChiRunning/ChiWalking, was personally trained by Danny Dreyer, the founder of these two revolutionary techniques and Chris Griffin a Master ChiRunning®/ChiWalking® Instructor. Prior to Chi Running, Vince’s running was tempered with exhaustive effort, injury, and pain. Since training with Danny and Chris, Vince now runs with greater ease, less effort, no injuries, better results and NO need for recovery. An avid runner for over 40 years, ChiRunning is making possible Vince’s goal of completing a marathon in each state and on each continent.

ChiRunning has taken Vince across the finish line of the Chattanooga, Louisville and New York City Ironman events. Memorable runs have taken him alongside the Royal Palace in Tokyo, around Lake Tahoe, and on the original marathon course in Athens Greece. He has completed countless 5ks, 10Ks and half marathons along with 61 marathons and three Ultras. Since become certified in 2005 and achieving the teaching qualification of Master instructor in 2009. Vince has enjoyed sharing the process oriented practices of ChiRunning and ChiWalking to all ability levels. There is no greater feeling than reintroducing adults back to a sport that they enjoyed, in their youth. Vince works with all ability level athletes and non-athletes. Vince lives in New Hampshire and travels throughout the United States teaching workshops.

If you have a group interested in learning ChiRunning and/or ChiWalking give him a call. Vince also offers coaching to individuals and small groups. To contact Vince, email ChiNewEngland@gmail.com or call 603-520-8268.

Vince Vaccaro Master Chi-Running Instructor


There is no one who loves pain itself.