Power2Tri Multisport Coaching

Tri Tek Events has partnered with Power2Tri Multisport Coaching to help prepare you for Tri Tek Sprint Events.  Coach Dave, owner of Power2Tri Multisport, is a Level 1 USAT Triathlon Coach as well as a Level 3 USA Cycling Coach and offers full service coaching to his athletes. Coach Dave has developed a static training plan specifically for our events and is offering 15% off.  If this is your first event or if you are relatively new to sport and want to move up to a structured training plan it's a great way to prepare yourself.  Click here for the 12 week plan and remember to use the code TriTek2018 to receive a 15% discount.  See you on the course!

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New England Triathlon Tour events announced for 2018

We are excited to announce the King Pine Tri June 2nd, 2018 has been selected for the 2018 New England Triathlon Tour!
Twelve iconic New England triathlon races have been selected for inclusion into the New England Triathlon Tour for 2018.

Wetsuit Rentals

Are you new to triathlons or swimming in the open water?  Are you unsure about making a triathlon wetsuit purchase just yet?  Tri Tek Events has partnered with one of the largest online triathlon wetsuit retailers, Just Wetsuits is proud to announce we are now also the largest wetsuit rental company with our merger of Wetsuitrental.com into Just Wetsuits. We provide athletes the most cost-effective way to try a Triathlon wetsuit. This rental program is a great way to test the waters in a wetsuit, without spending the big bucks. Just Wetsuits' rental fleet consists of triathlon wetsuits from Blue702XUOrcaZootRocket Science SportsZone3, Aqua Sphere Desoto. With so many wetsuits for rent, you are sure to find one you’ll fall in love with. 

As a bonus, Tri Tek Athletes receive a 20% discount at Just Wesuits on purchases using the coupon code TRITEK20 and save!